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The quota for this study was full currently. Thank you for your support!

In support of the clinical development of COVID-19 vaccines, the Hong Kong Government agrees to issue a ‘Provisional Vaccine Pass’ to each participant successfully enrolled in this study, and it will be valid during the entire study period until the vaccines used in this study (both Omicron and Prototype) are approved by regulatory authorities. The ‘Provisional Vaccine Pass’ would allow its holders to enter or remain on premises subject to the ‘Vaccine Pass’ requirement.

We sincerely invite volunteers to join a sequential vaccination study against COVID-19 caused by the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant. The purpose of this clinical study is to investigate the safety and immunogenicity profile of three (3) types of investigational inactivated vaccines (BIBP, WIBP or Prototype Vaccine) in populations who have received 2 or 3 doses of COVID-19 vaccines. The study will be conducted in the Vaccination Centre located in Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park Sports Centre in Sai Ying Pun (“Vaccination Centre”).

Study Information:

  • The duration of the entire study is around thirteen (13) months, including dosing, follow up visits, and telephone follow-up.
  • Volunteers will be required to:
    • provide two nasopharyngeal swab samples o receive either one of investigational vaccines by random assignment (2 doses in 28 days interval);
    • return to the Vaccination Centre around nine (9) to thirteen (13) times for study procedures (including blood sample collection);
    • perform around seven (7) to nine (9) times of telephone follow-up.
  • Cash allowance will be offered to volunteers to compensate for time spent, any inconvenience caused, and for covering transportation costs or other expenses which may incur.

Volunteers should meet the following criteria:

**Vaccinated 2 or 3 doses of COVID-19 inactivated vaccine (CoronaVac) or mRNA vaccine (Comirnaty) for at least 90 days before receiving the investigational vaccine**

  • 18 years old or above
  • Not confirmed case, suspected case or asymptomatic case of COVID-19
  • No history of SARS or MERS infection
  • No allergic reaction to any drug or vaccine (e.g. urticaria, eczema, dyspnea, angioneurotic edema or abdominal pain)
  • No serious chronic diseases (e.g. thrombocytopenia, immunological impairment, malignant tumor)

For enquiry, please contact our Volunteer Resource Centre:
Telephone: 9681 2309 / 9685 7770 (please quote the study number CTC2298)
IRB No.: UW 22-180

Study Timetable: