What is Clinical Trial?

A new drug needs to go through stringent clinical trials before being approved for registration. Drug trials are medical research projects involving the participation of volunteers, with the aims of evaluating a drug’s efficacy, safety and clinical pharmacology in human bodies for the ultimate purpose of identifying a better treatment. Other medical products and treatments such as medical devices, diagnostic kits, traditional Chinese medicines and advanced therapy products also need to be evaluated on their efficacy and safety through clinical trials.

Why Clinical Trials?

Any drug on market, whether painkillers, influenza vaccines, antidiabetic drugs, antihypertensive drugs, targeted therapies for cancers or otherwise, is the outcome of a series of clinical trials. Without clinical trials, there would not be any safe and reliable medicine that helps you in your illness.

Why Clinical Trials in Hong Kong?

Apart from being an international finance centre, Hong Kong is also a leading medical research technology hub. With outstanding research talents, top-notch facilities, strict drug trials approval processes, extensive research experience, and high-quality and reliable research outcomes, Hong Kong has been attracting collaboration in clinical trials from medical research organizations worldwide.