About Us

Our Philosophy


Clinical research for people. Clinical research for tomorrow.


To foster healthcare innovation and advancement by facilitating clinical research under the three core principles of volunteer protection, scientific validity and data integrity.


        P eople-oriented
        A ppreciation
        S ynergy
        S trategy
        I ntellectual
        O pen-minded
        N ovel


Volunteer protection is our priority,
Evidence-based practice is founded on science;
Confirming safety and efficacy relies on data integrity,
Good clinical research benefits people for eternity.

Leveraging Hong Kong’s Strengths

Top-notch Medical Facilities
Passionate and Professional Personnel
Selfless Volunteers
High Efficiency
and Flexibility
Outstanding Clinical Research Services
Reliable Research

Diversified Research Projects

  • Novel Drug
  • Generic Drug
  • Vaccine
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Cell Therapy
  • Medical Device
  • Alternative Therapy
  • Health Supplement